Contact: Frank Masley
Address: 2207 Concord Pike, PMB 190, Wilmington, DE 19803
Telephone: 302-427-9885       Fax: 302-427-0813
Company size (# of employees): 10-50
Are you currently exporting? (If yes, where?) Yes
Are you using any Free Trade Agreements or Preference Programs? Which one? No
Do you have design capabilities? Yes
Do you have warehousing capabilities? Yes
Additional Company Information: Design and Manufacture specialty gloves, Military being prime customer. Also able to provide quality assembly of product for customer. 20,000 sq foot facility to be utilized for office and warehouse space

Type of Business: Manufacturer,Cut and Sew Apparel Contractor,Specialized Design Service for Speciality Gloves

Wholly Made or Partially Made in U.S.A: Products Wholly Made in U.S.A.- this includes material and labor
Production Capacity Per Month: 20,000 + pairs/month
Production Locations: DE
List any special washes or treatments available: Gloves can be machine washed.
What certifications do you have? HUB ZONE, Woman Owned Small Business
Additional Product Information:
Cold Weather Flyers Gloves, Fuel Handler Gloves, Intermediate Cold Wet Gloves, Waterproof Flyers Gloves, Multipurpose Rattler Gloves with touch screen capability, Special Summer Flyers Gloves, Fire Retardant Cold Wet Gloves, Fire Retardant Intermediate Cold Wet Gloves

Cold Weather Flyers Glove (CWF): Approved for Army Aviation. Fire Resistant Gore-Tex® Glove for use inside and outside of a vehicle. Waterproof and breathable for comfort. Dexterity to fire weapons accurately. Durability with inseam stitching and reinforced patches for combat.
Fuel Handler Glove: The only dexterous and comfortable Nomex and Leather glove with full barrier resistance to JP8 Fuel with Gore-Tex® insert. Gauntlet design reaches forearm. Durability with inseam stitching.
Intermediate Cold Wet Glove (ICWG): Warmth in cold wet conditions, 0ºF to 40ºF. Dexterous trigger finger has thinner insulation for accurate firing. Waterproof Breathable GORE-TEX ® Insert. Moisture Management Brush Knit Lined Insulation. Insulation Weight: (100gm).
Waterproof Flyers Glove (WPFLY):Approved by NAVAIR by Air Crew. A comfortable and tactile fitting Air Crew glove that is waterproof and resistant to POL’s. Flame Resistant Nomex™ Knit, Gore-Tex® Glove insert, and Goatskin Leather.
MP Rattler Glove:Waterproof, Windproof, Breathable, Nylon-Rattler Stretch Fabric with Poron Foam Padding, and Touch Screen Leather.
Special Summer Flyers Glove (SSFLY):Durable Tactile Flyers Glove, Kevlar/PBI/Anti-Stat Simplex Knit with Fire Resistant Hair Sheep Leather.
Fire Retardant Cold Wet Glove (FRACWG): This glove is also used as a Cold Weather Fuel Handler Glove, Waterproof, 100gm Insulation. Goatskin Leather and Nomex™ Knit.
Fire Retardant Intermediate Cold Wet Glove (FRICWG)This glove has Nomex™ water repellency, Touch Screen Leather, Goatskin Leather and 100gm Insulation.
Barbed Wire Handler Glove

Technical Textiles
Nomex™ Knit, Goatskin Leather, Gore-Tex®, Nylon-Rattler Stretch Fabric, Touch Screen Leather, Poron Foam Padding, Moisture Management Brush Knit Lined Insulation, Kevlar/PBI/Anti-Stat Simplex Knit, Hair Sheep Leather.
Products are Windproof, Breathable, Waterproof, Fire Retardant.