If you are a manufacturer, supplier, or exporter in the United States, OTEXA can help you whether you are a new company planning your market entry, an established company needing to adjust your market presence in the global marketplace, or anywhere in between. These resources will help you better understand your product’s potential in a given market, the best prospects for success, and best business practices before you start exporting.

Trade Promotion and Business Opportunities

Through trade promotion events organized by OTEXA, stakeholders can stay informed of the benefits of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and preference programs, potential markets for business, and new business opportunities.

Information, Counseling and Advisory Services
Access online resources and get personalized counseling as you prepare to enter new international markets. Trade specialists are also available to provide advice if your company is being adversely affected by trade barriers or unfair practices.

Strategy, Planning and Market Research
As you look to enter new markets, OTEXA can help you develop and improve your international business strategy and assist you in targeting the best international markets for your products. Different countries have different tariffs and import fees – OTEXA can help to identify this information as well as Schedule B and Harmonized System numbers.

Advertising and Promotional Events
OTEXA can help increase your brand awareness and market exposure globally. In addition to events such as trade missions and trade shows, OTEXA organizes educational seminars, onsite company visits for training and strategy development, and matching services to help U.S. firms meet international buyers, distributors and representatives.

Eligibility Requirements for OTEXA’s services
OTEXA provides its services to U.S. national companies. Products offered for sale by your company should be manufactured or produced in the U.S. If your products are manufactured or produced outside of the U.S., they should be marketed under the name of a U.S. firm and have U.S. content representing at least 51% of the value of the finished product. The calculation of the domestic content of said products will include the value of the raw materials and component parts, manufacturing process, advertising and promotion, distribution, warehousing, designs, and other intellectual property.

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