Colombia TPA Commercial Availability (Short Supply)

Short Supply List U.S.-Colombia TPA Annex 3-B

Colombia Commercial Availability Requests

Procedures for Colombia Commercial Availability Proceedings
  • Interim Procedures (published November 6, 2012)
      There is no official Spanish version of these interim procedures. However, because the Colombia TPA Commercial Availability procedures are essentially identical to those under the DR-CAFTA, it may be useful to review an unofficial Spanish version of the DR-CAFTA procedures. The document may be found here.

      NOTE: This document was provided by VESTEX, the Guatemalan Commission of the Apparel and Textile Industry, and is not an official translation authorized by the U.S. government in the context of either DR-CAFTA or the U.S.-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement. Under both agreements, the official procedures, as published in English, are the dispositive authority governing commercial availability proceedings.

    Webinar: Procedures for Colombia Commercial Availability Proceedings (11/28/2012)
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