International Trade Data System
Creating a "Single Window" for U.S. Exports and Imports

On February 19, 2014, President Obama signed an Executive Order on Streamlining the Export/Import Process for America’s Businesses, which mandated the implementation of the International Trade Data System (ITDS) “single window” by December 31, 2016. ITDS will allow goods to be imported into and exported from the United States in a more efficient manner, reducing costs for both trade and the government.

ITDS is a part of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)’s Automated Commercial Environment (ACE), an automation effort which collects transactional level data on all cargo crossing U.S. borders. The overarching goal of ACE/ITDS is to automate and consolidate border processing and serve as the centralized access point that connects the trade community to CBP and the other federal government agencies that regulate imported and exported goods. In practical terms, the system seeks to provide firms with a “single window” for submitting required import and export data to government agencies electronically, thus eliminating duplicative and time consuming reporting efforts. Instead of filing separately with each agency that requires information, all data needed by any agency will be collected through ACE/ITDS. The fully operational system will therefore help enhance risk management and improve the government’s ability to collect revenues and monitor trade compliance while also reducing the compliance burden on the trade.

The Office of Textiles and Apparel (OTEXA) is one of the 47 federal government agencies participating in the development and deployment of ITDS. OTEXA has prepared the Haiti and Dominican Republic Earned Import Allowance Programs (EIAPs) for automation under ACE/ITDS. OTEXA has also been asked to gather feedback on ITDS from the textile and apparel industry and help educate these firms and their freight forwarders/customs brokers on how upcoming changes in the import/export process may affect them.

For more information on OTEXA's involvement in ITDS, or the ITDS project in general, please contact Laurie Mease at or 202-482-2043.

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