OTEXA Peru Commercial Availability News

The United States-Peru TPA Free Trade Agreement provides for the review of requests for the determination that certain fabrics, yarns, or fibers are not available in commercial quantities in a timely manner (Article 3.3, 5-7).

At the request of an interested entity, the United States will initiate a review to determine whether the subject product is available in commercial quantities in a timely manner in Peru. Procedures have been established for conducting such reviews. As part of these procedures, the United States will notify any interested party of new requests that are received under this provision.

These notifications will inform you that we are reviewing a request, the due date for submitting responses, and a link to the web posting of the requests and responses received. If you wish to receive such notifications, please click on the "Subscribe Me" link. If at any time you no longer want to receive these notifications, you may unsubscribe by clicking on the "Unsubscribe Me" link. You may also provide comments by clicking on the "Comments" link. If you are having problems receiving these notifications, contact us at (202) 482-3400.